Productive Management Suite


Ai Bruna uses the full potential of Artificial Intelligence to optimize:

  • Efficient use of all production lines of one or more plants according to commercial demand.
  • Prediction of raw material characteristics to stabilize product variability.
  • To increase the profitability of a product by predicting its future value in international markets.

Our Service

We optimize the operating parameters of each part of the production process, to reduce production costs, energy use and waste reduction, freeing the use of the plant.


  • Ai Bruna predicts the composition of raw materials, whether from deposits, suppliers or sub-processes, in terms of quality and characteristics.
  • Reduces quality losses in the maxi-sack loading mix.
  • It contributes to the strategy of gathering and blending to make the finished product profitable.
  • Generates an asset maintenance backlog, predicting failures.


  • Ai Bruna is able to plan the harvesting strategy considering operational constraints, deficiencies, growth, mortality and defects.
  • It connects Planning, Harvesting and Commercial areas, providing a strategic view of the operation.
  • Suggests product allocation in international and/or domestic sales.
  • Predicts the international price of the product to designate the target market.


  • Ai Bruna predicts crop yields more accurately than current imaging systems.
  • Reduces the use of water, fertilizers and energy resources, while maintaining yields.
  • Promotes positive externality to communities and the environment.

Aquaculture Blending

  • Generate dynamic recipes, with the optimal mix mix considering operational, quality, logistic and/or production constraints.
  • Minimizes the loss of low quality product, efficiently blending those of higher value in its composition.

Meat Industry

  • It predicts the chemical composition of a raw material, generating dynamic mixing recipes and stabilizing the final product.
  • Organizes the operation of production lines according to commercial demand, operational restrictions, format changes, production shortages and availability of raw materials.

Building Materials

  • Ai Bruna generates a monthly planning of production plants considering lines of use.
  • Consider in the planning the different commercial commitments or contracts with the respective weightings in terms of customer weight and distribute the planning according to the different delivery phasing.

Our Purpose

We provide key information for decision making, improving your return on investment.