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Originally AltumLab was born due to the existing problems in the aquaculture industry in relation to fishmeal, which serves as feed for different animals, and its composition, since it was made from the remains of different fish and its variability was very high, sometimes having high levels of protein, while in other cases it had very low levels. It was then that Madeleine (founder) realized that with algorithms based on artificial intelligence this problem could be solved, analyzing the raw materials and reducing the variability of the final result.

Bruna began as a solution only focused on fishmeal blending, however, by solving a cross-cutting problem, it began to enter the mining, agricultural, aquaculture and manufacturing industries.

Today the solution is an operational core, with customers in Chile, Peru, Mexico and Brazil. For industries producing Salmon, Fishmeal, Processed Foods and Meat, Manufacturers of parts and pieces in general.


To transform and monetize our clients' operational processes, production plants and equipment using Bruna as an engine of change. 


To be leaders of digital transformation in operational and productive processes through AI, expanding our digital platform service in all possible markets, to be a reference in Latin America and worldwide.

"I believe that innovation ceased to be a concept alien to people, and became a state of mind. Innovation is the constant challenge from all aspects of your life, it is part of being human and it is a state of mind that you can choose to face your life."
Madeleine Valderrama
CEO Altumlab