Some of our investors tell us their story, the relationship they have built with Altum Lab and the projections they estimate. We open a conversation with Andrés Medina from CompuSoluciones Ventures and Javier Sánchez from Angel Ventures, both Mexican investors, who tell us how they have built a relationship of support and fraternity with us.

When we have an idea and we start to promote it, it wanders around different places until it is consolidated and becomes a business idea. However, the road does not become easy and a capital investment is necessary to move the idea into the market and get it sold. It is here where an essential element for the Start Up business arises, the investors, who believe in you and your business.

In the field of startups, one of the most important elements that contribute to their growth are investors, who provide support, inject capital and generate new networks for the growth of the company. Javier and Andrés tell us how this journey with Altum Lab has been, the relationship that has been generated in the context of the pandemic and why they wanted to invest and believe in this artificial intelligence platform that, in their words, they feel will move the world.

The vision that our investors have in relation to the market and the business that we can generate is very broad. They see that Altum Lab has great projections to expand beyond Mexico and Latin America, being able to reach complex markets such as Europe or Asia. 

Andrés Medina, Director of CompuSoluciones Venture tells us how it was to reach Altum Lab and the value it adds to its portfolio. "While investing requires a financial return, for us the most important thing is to understand how we do business with Artificial Intelligence. It is an opportunity for us to grow hand in hand with you".

He tells us that something very curious happened: CompuSoluciones Venture's Board of Directors voted unanimously in favor of generating an investment with Altum Lab. "Since the announcement of the investment in Altum, there was a positive reaction from our stakeholders, who approached us and asked how we could help..."

The best way to get to know a startup is to work with it, looking at the process, how conversations are generated, data collection and proof of concept. This is how Andrés accompanied the Altum Lab team to meetings with companies to understand the business in more depth, generating a more holistic vision and looking at the great potential that the platform has. "The potential I see in Bruna, is that this algorithm begins to understand each of the companies individually and in the particulars of their plants. We see that thanks to this artificial intelligence, savings can be generated day by day, and it is here where we consider this technology as something very catchy and enriching... You stop using the technology and you stop saving, it becomes a virtuous circle." Andres tells us.

The constant work with investors has led Altum Lab to have greater growth and a more global view of the different target markets. Before we looked at Latin America as a big market to address, however, today we are looking to incorporate ourselves into 3 continents. The relationship is extremely profitable when our partners join the business, making us have more and new challenges that allow us to grow together.