Ai Bruna 

It is composed of 4 modules designed to meet the needs of customers from different industries.


Designed to predict with an accuracy of more than 85% the behavior of the raw material or a mix of variables over time. In turn, it is possible to predict how the mix of internal and exogenous variables may impact the final product.


Simulates production scenarios to find the optimal production plan to meet business commitments and increase the profitability of raw materials and facilities.


Module designed to suggest dynamic mixtures and recipes of raw materials, inputs or finished products in order to satisfy commercial contracts, without quality excesses, and with the lowest production/logistic cost available.


Designed to contribute to the strategic analysis of asset management. It analyzes the performance and impact of current asset performance and future investments on productive capacities.


At AltumLab, we apply the full potential of Artificial Intelligence to optimize complex processes that with current technological tools would be impossible or require too many hours of work.

We are a certified R&D center, so you can take advantage of tax benefits when applying specific developments for your industry.

Ai Bruna is our Software as a Service (SaaS) accessed through a website that provides technological tools built with mathematical algorithms developed by the Altum team to solve common industrial problems. 

In order to reduce the Capex costs required for the high level of computation, we use the client's preferred cloud platform, maintaining high standards of security and availability.